Our latest book Pulletje was published in March 2018

Duckling is a plucky lass who’s ready to go exploring the moment she’s born. But duckling’s mum says she must wait until all her brothers and sisters have crawled out of their eggs. Little by little Duckling is allowed to go further and further: from the egg to the nest, from the nest to the stream and from the stream to the lake. Duckling’s world gets bigger and bigger. She cannot wait to explore the rest of the world and dreams of being all grown up.

Duckling is a delightful story for pre-schoolers, about growing up and discovering the world step by step- captivatingly told by the author Marco Kunst and depicted in woodcuts by me.

The typography: Bockting Design.

Publisher: Gottmer

32 pages

March 2018

Price: € 14,95

ISBN 9789025768614