Daar buiten slaapt een aap

My fourth book, Daar buiten slaapt een aap (‘Sleeping animals’), was published in August 2015 by Gottmer. The book contains 14 colour woodcuts, accompanied by 14 stories about special animal sleeping habits. A chimpanzee can weave itself a hammock and sea otters sleep hand in hand, floating on the waves. The aardvark burrows into the ground, up to six metres deep. The woodcuts and the accompanying non-fiction stories are all done by me.

This book is suitable for children between three and eight years old.

The wonderful design was done by Bockting Ontwerpers.

This book is shortlisted for the Nami Concours 2017 in South-Korea.

Publisher: Gottmer

32 pages

Price: € 14,95

ISBN: 9789025760854