Aap Beer Zebra

My book Aap Beer Zebra (‘Monkey Bear Zebra’) was published March 2016. This picture book teaches children the alphabet using 26 animals. It is a reissue of my first book Aap Beer Cheeta, now with beautiful poems by Bette Westera.

The new design by Bockting Ontwerpers was another factor in making this a completely new book. It’s a large volume, half-bound in cloth, with pages of uncoated paper. There is a lot of white on the page, and a lot of space. I think this helps young children find their way. The alphabet lettering consists of prints of wooden placard letters like the ones that were used around 1900. In this edition I printed a lower-case letter next to every big capital, because teachers had told me they missed these in Aap Beer Cheeta.

Aap Beer Zebra is nominated for the Woutertje Pieterse Prijs

Aap Beer Zebra was longlisted for the Jan Wolkers Prijs.

Publisher: Gottmer

64 pages

March 2016

Price: € 15,95

ISBN: 9789025762384