The original woodcut prints from my books are for sale. 15 copies are made of every woodcut. The price for an unframed animal print is 110 euros. I can frame the print of your choosing in a Barth frame. The prints fit 30 cm by 40 cm picture frames. The price for a framed print is 140 euros.

The square woodcuts of the animals and trees cost 130 euros, unframed. They fit a 40 cm by 40 cm picture frame. Framed (in a Barth frame) these prints cost 170 euros.

Some animals are sold out, but there’s a constant supply of new prints, almost totaling a hundred animals by now. You can visit my workshop to view my prints. If Amsterdam is too far, you can visit Galerie Inkt in Delft. They keep my work in stock.

My landscapes cost between 350 and 550 euros, framed. They fit either a 55 cm by 70 cm picture frame, 60  cm by 80 cm or a 75 cm by 100 cm frame.